METS Amsterdam kicks off new sailing season

METS Amsterdam kicks off new sailing season

Year after year, the middle of November is the time of the METS (Marine Equipment Trade Show), the world's biggest trade show for marine equipment in Amsterdam. For FSE Robline, this was a perfect opportunity to showcase the new products for the 2018 season.


Our booth at the METS 2017 featured three main highlights: our new ropes and products for sailing and yachting, our new website, and a meeting for and with our distributors.


There have been significant changes, especially with regard to our product portfolio. Here is a concise rundown of our new products for 2018:


Segment: Performance
Admiral 7000 and Admiral 5000 now come in additional fresh colors. Our successful Globe line was upgraded yet again, now featuring Globe 5000 MK3 with improved coating to prevent core-cover slippage.


Our single-braid special purpose ropes "STS Ocean 5000" and "Ocean STAT20" are now also available as thinner 2 mm diameter versions.


Segment: Cruising
The successful Sirius line received a few updates such as new colors on Sirius 1000, Sirius 500, and Sirius 300 ropes. Furthermore, our popular Sirius 500 was upgraded to the brand-new Sirius 550! This rope features an extremely resistant cover and comes in vivid new colors.


Segment: Dinghies and Sports Boats
This segment features most of the product developments for 2018. First and foremost, the Racing Pro that many have been waiting for: a special sheet for all types of use that require grip and control. TEUFELBERGER's high-tech fiber mix ensures minimal stretch and abrasion; exactly what is needed for the latest control settings. This rope is perfectly complemented by 0-Kink (Zero Kink): a brand-new Dyneema® double braid that exhibits zero kinking tendency and is therefore ideal for running sheets. Furthermore, a new product from last season – Coppa 5000 – was developed to include a wider range of colors and two new diameters.


Segment: Mooring Ropes
Newport 8 is this year's newcomer among our mooring ropes. This 8-plait rope is very easy to splice. Stowed, it takes up only 50 % of the volume of a conventional braided/laid rope. In addition, our well-liked Palma Elastic will now also be available in other diameters.


Coppa 5000

Newport 8

Racing Pro

Sirius 550